Taking care of you on your holidays will always be our main goal

In Paradise Park Fun Lifestyle, as well as fun, the cleanliness of our facilities has always been perceived as an excellent feature by our guests.

However, due to the pandemic worldwide, we have considered necessary “to go that extra mile” in providing our guests and our employees with the very latest guidelines based on the WHO and the Spanish government health authorities.

Below you can see some of the security and hygiene guidelines that we have applied to take care of you, and benefits that will make you enjoy a pleasant stay.

"POSI Protocols"

"POSI Protocols"

We have developed and established specific measures to prevent the spread of infectious diseases (also called “POSI: Prevention Of Spread of Infection” Protocols), in order to identify, evaluate and control the associated risks, as well as establish effective preventive measures to guarantee our guests, team and partners safety. The internationally recognized company CRISTAL International Standards, has carried out the corresponding audit of our POSI System and certified its effectiveness. In this term, bimonthly audits are carried out, which make it possible to keep improving the implemented processes, also including analysis of samples to verify the effectiveness of cleaning and disinfection processes in all areas of the hotel.

Certificate POSI – Paradise Park – Aug 2020

Common Areas


All common areas will be open and ready for use. Maintaining an extreme disinfection protocol, in addition to monitoring to ensure adequate capacity in some facilities, you will enjoy them more safely.


Bon Appetit!

The bars and restaurants classic buffet service is still available. For safety reasons, the buffet system provides specific hygiene measures (which includes frequent disinfection), also offering individual single-dose meals. To guarantee greater comfort and capacity control, 2 meal shifts will be previously allocated, at breakfasts and dinners. Also, information and drinks menu will be digitized.


Let´s have fun!

The entertainment programme will still available. The activities are personalized and available under prior reservation (time may change). To guarantee your safety, there will be a regular cleaning of all leisure areas, limited capacity and a new entertainment area outdoors (where take place all activities).


Safe relax

All rooms will be disinfected under strict cleaning protocols, and the allocated rooms will be alternated its use for as long as possible.

What should I know before arrive? Click down to know important measures applied

Required measures in all our common areas

Those guests who have respiratory problems and prove it on arrival at reception through a medical report, will not be obliged to use the mask. They will be given a dark green bracelet, so they can be identified and do not suffer discomfort.

Check all security measures and improvements we have applied downloading the following document

Due to safety regulations, some services could change. Affected services: Leisure Park temporarily closed, Shuttle bus service to Los Cristianos not available, Streliztia Bar will be open till 00:00H.

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have any doubts regarding our safety measures? Check below the frequent questions to clarified your doubts.

Mask: When I should wear the mask?

As you know, to take care of you and prevent risks, the mask use is necessary.  For your safety, you must use it in all common areas of the hotel (lifts, reception, lobbies and pool areas and bars), except when you go to eat, drink, sunbathe at your sunbed or get in the pool (because in that case social distance could be respected). 

However, you shouldn’t use it in pools or at the sunbed. But yes if you go round the pool or get something from the snack bar.
In the main restaurant, you must wear the mask when you go to the assisted buffet area, but not when you sit at the table to enjoy your food. In bars or disco it is the same (you should use it only when you go to the bar top to order your drinks).

**Those guests who have respiratory problems and prove it on arrival at reception through a medical report, will not be obliged to use the mask. They will be given a dark green bracelet, so they can be identified and do not suffer discomfort.

Smoking: Where can I smoke?

As the Spanish Goverment has established, smoking is prohibited throughout the hotel, except on the balconies of the rooms and in the following designated smoking areas (always keeping 2 metres distance with other people):

-Main Pool area:  designated area between Miniclub and main pool.
-Funattic: designated tables in an area away from other guests areas.
-Reception: outside, next to main entrance.
-Natural pool: designated area above the Funcy bar.

All Inclusive: How does it work now?

All Inclusive service will be available for all guests who choose this board basis, including  breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and specific drinks.

For safety reasons, the buffet system provides specific hygiene measures, which includes frequent disinfection of utensils, also offering individual single-dose meals.

In addition, to monitoring the limited capacity in the main restaurant, time slots system will be established. Therefore, breakfasts and dinners will be prebookable, available at Pre Check In (through our App “Hello Paradise Park”).

Pools: What restrictions are applied?

Swimming pools are areas frequented by many guests, so we need to apply some measures in order to prevent risks. It will be limited to 75% its capacity (meaning there will be less people in the pool at same time).

However, it is not a prebookable service, our staff will inform you about the available options. As you know we have 5 wonderful pools that you can enjoy. In addition, the number of guests staying will be limited (so that helps the enjoyment of facilities).

Entertainment: Will still be available?

The entertainment will still be on agenda. We love having fun, so the activities, shows, miniclub and minidisco will be available. We move entertainment area outdoors so you will enjoy leisure in a safe way.

Although for safety reasons, activities will be personalized and under prior registration (time and date may change, so we recommend you to ask the Entertainment Team).