Enjoying a vegan diet often becomes somewhat challenging, but thanks to its benefits it is always worth trying.

Enjoying a well-deserved vacation and not giving up your vegan diet, you may think that it can be a challenge. However, every day there are more vegan restaurants in Tenerife or those hotels that offer an adapted diet so you don't have to worry about this during your holidays in the Canary Islands.




Nutritional value: a correct vegan diet contains more fiber, antioxidants, potassium, magnesium and other essential nutrients for human development. Therefore, it is important that, once started on the path, we make sure we take the correct amount of these proteins.

Protects the environment: a plant-based diet is good for the planet, much less energy is needed to feed a vegan. Not to mention that deforestation, habitat loss and species extinction are reduced. Ultimately, protecting the environment is beneficial to all of us and being vegan has a significant impact on it.




Tenerife has a wide gastronomic offer, there are many traditional dishes that have elements of the land. But, are there vegan restaurants in Tenerife north or south side? The answer is yes and here we talk about some of the best vegan food in the island:

Pistacho coffee brunch: near the Paradise Park Hotel, the Pistacho homemade dishes with fresh and natural ingredients. A healthy and tasty way of eating, both for lovers of sweets and salty, a menu for all tastes! A fantastic option for breakfast or lunch.

Samelo Veg: vegan and homemade food. What can go wrong? It is a restaurant in constant innovation, which has new dishes every so often. Whether you are looking for a vegan restaurant in Tenerife because you don't eat food of animal origin or if you want to try this type of cuisine, this is your place! Samelo conquers the palate of everyone who visits it. This restaurant is in the town of Abades, in Tenerife South, about 25 minutes by car from our hotel.

Poké Hut: It is true that to try the real poké you have to travel to Hawaii, but since it is a bit far, it is possible to try a fairly reliable version of the dish in Los Cristianos. For lovers of this dish of Hawaiian origin, you can mix natural elements of your choice. We recommend the vegetarian version!

+Fun Restaurant: at Hotel Paradise Park we offer all our guests all possible options. Our restaurant is a free buffet that has preparations for all tastes, whether you follow a vegan diet or not, our restaurant will surely conquer your palate. We adapt to your tastes so that you can enjoy the best possible experience! We can say that we are a vegan hotel in Tenerife.


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