The Canary Islands are considered by many tourists to be a tropical paradise, ideal to visit in the hottest months of the year but also in the "coldest" ones.

Its mild and constant temperatures make it always a good time to visit the islands. What can you do in the archipelago in winter? What are the best things to do in Tenerife? What is Tenerife like in February?

Sun and beach

It seems contradictory, but it’s not. The principal advantage of the Canary Islands is the mild climate throughout the year. And Tenerife is no exception, in a full winter month like February it usually reach high temperatures. The island shines for their warm beaches that any tourist can visit. Don't worry, the weather in Tenerife in february is the same as iaugust or june, the sun will always be present. Do you want to know the best beaches? Here are some of them.

Los Cristianos Beach: located a few minutes from the Paradise Park Fun Lifestyle Hotel, an excellent option to stay and thus be able to visit a unique golden sand path on the island. Besides, the Tenerife weather in February in 2022 will look exceptional. It is equipped with showers, sun loungers and umbrellas, litter bins and access for people with disabilities. It also has a promenade full of shops, terraces and restaurants. An ideal opportunity to taste the typical food of Tenerife.

La Tejita Beach: described by the villagers as a unic, friendly and magical space. An undervalued space, which goes unnoticed among thousands of tourists. Its shore is close to the Anaga Rural Park. A combination of crags, cliffs and sand. Also famous for the sunsets, which are fabolous.

Torviscas Beach: this beach stands out for its location, in the southern area of Tenerife. It has a nice pass, it has nearby bars and restaurants and even some beach clubs to enjoy a cocktail on the beach. It is a beach accessible for all and, it also has hammock and parasol rental.


Most tourists usually arrive during the summer season. That is why winter is an excellent opportunity to enjoy the tranquility of the island, an ideal opportunity to take flights to Tenerife from Glasgow or a trip to Tenerife from Edinburgh. Any big city is worth it, the main goal is to enjoy the calm as much as possible on the island.


Of the seven islands, Tenerife is one of those with the most natural landscapes. Laurisilva, a volcano, beaches, etc. You can choose what you prefer, it is likely that everything will leave you astonished. And, as I have already mentioned, the weather in Tenerife South and Tenerife North allows any plan regardless of the season. You do not have to adapt your trip according to your vacations, the island adapts to your availability by being present at all times.

A paradise like no other in summer, but it is also a perfect destination in winter, spring and autumn. It’s Tenerife essence. That is why it is such a famous destination among tourists. A perfect opportunity to enjoy an experience like no other.

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